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Mt. Shasta is a dimensional doorway to the frequency of Love.

It is a portal, a mirror, showing us the purity within ourselves.


A mountain radiating love and potent energy for us all to awaken to who we really are.


The pure energy this mountain radiates makes it easy to connect with your deepest essence and to remember your true purpose.


Come with an open heart and an open mind to embrace a personal transformation

of consciousness and allow the experience to create space for self-evolution.


Take time to nurture your mindset and drive yourself into a reflective experience.


Breathe through your past, free of judgement and acceptance of the future.


Honor yourself and regenerate the natural balance between you and nature and begin your process of reconnection.

During our retreat, we are guided to sacred sites and temples on Mount Shasta that few visitors ever discover, with utmost support in receiving the wondrous energetic gifts that Mount Shasta has for you.


A transformational experience.


Receive the gifts the mountain has for you and to build a bridge from your magical journey to your life back home


We will retreat to Mt Shasta and surrounding energy vortexes on short hikes. Depending on weather we will visit a sacred waterfall for rebirth. We will be guided to a sacred site, a vortex where we bring awareness and light to all human experiences.  We experience a day of purification and shared heart space. We visit sacred portals that allow connection with ascended masters, angels and your star families.

Our guide will connect you to 5D frequency ascension activations and heart activations. This is a full activation of who you really are. Grounding new earth frequencies and walking in 5D.


This is a journey of initiation, integration and embodiment at very sacred places on Mt Shasta.


  • Heart Chakra Activations

  • Guided Meditations and Healing

  • Being in Ascended Masters frequency

  • Connect to your Star Seed Lineage Grounding/Re-birthing

  • Venusian Activations, Pure Reality

  • Embodiment


Mount Shasta is a nearly 15,000-foot-high mountain in Northern California, and it is the root chakra of the world. In humans, the root chakra represents our most instinctive connection to the earth beneath our feet, and Mount Shasta is the base of the Earth’s energy system, from which all life stems.


Mount Shasta is an ice-topped volcano that draws spiritual seekers. Various legends say it’s home to a sacred spring, beings who have transcended the physical plane or a crystal city full of ancient foes of Atlantis.


It is widely known by spiritual seekers that Mt. Shasta “magically speaks to the heart of the humans, reminding them of a beautiful secret – the frequency of love.”

Our time on the mountain will be filled with fun, new information, laughter and transformation.


Magical, mystical tours on Mount Shasta continue to bring unexpected fun, connections and unknown rewards as people from all around the world explore the spiritual energy vortex of Mount Shasta.


I welcome you to join me and immerse yourself in all of her radiant peace, love, harmony, balance and joy.

In addition to our guided hikes on the mountain, we will enjoy various soundbaths, visit crystal stores and be led in a very special, powerful evening meditation.



We meet with an incredible 5D Shaman/Medicine Woman who leads us through a magical, visual meditation accompanied by drumming. She is one of the most iconic healers in Shasta.


Through this meditation you are partnering with the Telosian healing team. You meet Your power animal, follow the trance-inducing beat of the drum and experience the magic of Telos – the inter-dimensional city within Mt. Shasta.


For ages, spiritual seekers, mystics, and sages from all over the world have been called to Mount Shasta. This majestic mountain is the home of many legends, fables, and mysteries of the ancient civilization of Lemuria, and the hidden mystical city of Telos.


The mystical mountain energy will be the foundation for our deep spiritual healing and transcendence. Journey with our special guide, as we activate a special Crystalline Light Code to anchor in the intentions of Love, Healing, and Joy.


Through Light Activations we will tap into the energy of those people, and that ancient time, to feel, see, know and embrace the gifts of a race of intelligent beings that offered themselves for the betterment of all.


This is the Journey to Lumeria, in Mount Shasta.


It starts with shamanic drumming and you suddenly find yourself on a guided journey, entering the city, experiencing the phenomena and  reconnecting with your higher aspects

It is possible to experience deep Emotional and physical healings.

It is possible to receive downloads – important information, with very clear guidance that’s visual, auditory and kinesthetic…

You will have your own unique journey.

Imagine your excitement with life changing encounters and experiences inter-dimensionally, such as:

A visit to the St Germaine Spa – where you enjoy the most technologically advanced treatments in the galaxy.

Relaxing into profound healing on high-tech Med Bed and Crystal therapy

Working with the Ascended masters including High-Priest Adama, St Germaine, Mother Mary and  Archangel Michael.


Through this Journey to Telos, you will have your own unique and direct experience.

What Happens on a Journey to Telos?


In Your journey to Telos, You will receive healing and empowerment for your daily life. As High Priest Adama says, “we don’t have time to wait any longer for the shift to happen outside of us. The shift begins in us by releasing and healing all the parts which do not serve us anymore.” By letting go of your suffering and dis-function You are able to rise up to the next level of evolution. You feel the love in your heart and the connection with all that is. You recognize the divine in each being. Waking up to our full responsibility – there is no need to blame and shame our surroundings anymore.



High Priest Adama and the Telosian Healing Team are working on us with so much love and compassion to support us in our remembrance of who we truly are. The message from Telos is to  live life from a place of peace, love, equality, harmony, balance, respect, creativity and fun. The Lemurians who live in the city of Telos are a great example of this for us – how life used to be way back in the very beginning and how life is going to be as we move forward into The Golden Age of peace and harmony.




  • Clearing past life energies

  • Healing physical issues

  • Guidance

  • Downloads

  • Upgrades

  • Initiations

  • Light coded information

  • Raise frequencies

  • Expanding your DNA


  • Lighter and brighter

  • Relaxed

  • Physical issues may have disappeared

  • More Clarity

  • Opening new opportunities

  • Enhancing your creativity


This all-inclusive 4 night portal is designed for an intimate group devoted to embodying their conscious energy while anchoring an ancient power of Mt Shasta, being powerful examples of healing and love.


This immersion is calling for those who are seeking a deeper remembrance in an initiation of calling back our energy and power while activating the loving energy of Mt. Shasta, within.


  • Lodging

  • All activities included

  • Private chef curating high vibrational meals

  • Cost TBD

  • Minimum 9 people needed


  • Arrive in Shasta Day 1 by 5 pm

  • Welcome Dinner and Soundbath

  • Day 2: Hike to portals on Shasta for activations

  • Journey to Telos meditation

  • Day 3: Hike to portals on Shasta for activations, meditations

  • Crystal stores, Soundbath

  • Day 4: Integration & Goodbye Breakfast

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