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Unique Sound Bath Journeys, Intentional Ceremonies & Sacred Experiences in a Consciously Co-Curated Jungle Setting. By Appointment Only. 


We are a consciously created property co-curated by a husband & wife Team offering sound healing  in our glass encased Sound Temple portal as well as  elevated events and healing journeys curated for spiritual growth and spiritual connection, held in our Water Temple portal, an ancient cave with a private Cenote. 

Set off-grid, deep in the jungle, we offer sacred space and intentional ceremonies for individuals seeking a space to heal and grow, through deeper, more meaningful consciousness. We believe in setting space for open minds and expanded souls who heed the call for a high vibration journey to unfold.





Joey is a passionate Sound Frequency & Love Infused Vibrational Alchemist. Called to be in deeper service, she stepped away from her business ventures in Seattle. She currently holds space as an intuitive healer and facilitator of sound frequency, adopting ancient earth, spirit medicine and divine interaction as a way of life. She infuses shamanic and reiki energy into her work.


Mitch is truly a Conscious Creator. Together with his wife, he was called to be in deeper service to the world. After selling his reputable and award winning design/build company in Seattle, he joined together on a new journey deep in the Tulum jungle.  With a passion for designing, building and creating consciously he was divinely led to the concept and creation of the jungle ranch, where he spends time meditating and following spirits guidance in his curation process.


Together they journeyed around the world co-learning and rebirthing on many spiritual adventures. Their vision is the result of a true soul calling. Together creating a healing portal, a sanctuary cohesive with Mother Earth, encouraging a transformational way of healing through nature, ancient wisdom, sound vibrations, and a sacred setting. A truly cosmic place to commune with nature, to activate your light, and to remember who you truly are.


In the middle of the Yucatan jungle, in a tranquil setting, where the only requirement is to receive, it is here that their vision of a glass encased Sound Temple was born. Dedicated specifically to the art of sound healing and designed to remain one with nature, they carefully married the natural surroundings to modern construction to remain cohesive guests in nature.


Initially guided to build and facilitate a Sound Temple, they realized the Universe had bigger plans after being divinely led to discover (through a Mayan Toh bird) that their ancient cave was connected to the underground river system. With reverence to conscious design, the end result is a Water Temple, (make it bold like Sound Temple above) a breathtaking Cenote venue,  (the waters are considered sacred and with great healing powers by the Mayans) located inside the spectacular cave and is a special place to visit. The swirling vortex of energy in the cave and cenote is easily felt and contains more earthly energy than a normal place would. The ancient Maya who populated the Yucatan Peninsula in the first millennium AD believed that the cenotes were windows into the underworld. It is indeed an otherworldly experience.


The Water Temple, Cenote Sagrado is a breathtaking example of what the Universe can do for you when you trust in the journey. Mitch has created a very special and deeply sacred space designed to be a cohesive guest to Mother Earth and a channel for spirit.


Deeply honored to be the stewards of this mystical land they remain guided to use the property only for sacred experiences and intentional ceremony.

“It is our hope the results will bring a feeling of contentment, relaxation and healing to those who are called to visit”.




It is believed that 66 million years ago an asteroid struck the earth in the region of the Yucatan Peninsula in the area we now know as Tulum. It was responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs and a long running ice age. What was most significant about the impact was the incredible amount of energy it produced in such a small area of the planet. Many people believe that the energy still lives in Tulum and creates a magical aura around the area.  

We first felt the essence of this magic when we visited Tulum 20 years ago, so when we began heeding the call for some changes in our life path, we knew it was time to return. Following our hearts, the Universe opened doors, leading us to purchase a very special property.


We typically reserve at least 2 weeks in advance for our experiences. To secure a specific date, please be sure to book in advance.


Public events will be advertised via Eventbrite.

*As this location is reserved for sacred healing we only rent this space for outside gatherings, photoshoots, filming or any other content creation inquiries that have spiritual or conscious intent.

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