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Full Moon Ceremony & Global Portal Opening Collaboration

Thank you, Krystal Kelley for the mention.

Always fun to collaborate and spread the love.

March 26th, 2021.

Looking forward to energizing a very special portal on our property with specific intention, meaning and global collaboration from Light workers located at Earths vortex energy centers, Earths chakra points, and Earths ley lines.

I am honored to participate and to host such an extraordinary event on property in our ancient, sacred cenote cave.

I will be bringing together a group of powerful healers, energy workers and light workers in Tulum to unite and commune in one consciousness connecting as one powerful energy epicenter of light and love.

Register here to participate from wherever you are in the world.

The ceremony will be set to open and expand a portal, grounding the earth energy. Linking to higher consciousness with the intention of creating a loving world. This is a global collaboration, resonating with Light to transmit messages and traveling the super highway connecting to the other global portal openings simultaneously.

Tulum Ceremony Details

By invite only

  • All participants will wear white.

  • Cleanse with ceremonial copal.

  • Cleansing ceremony for participants – dip or swim in the sacred cenote.

  • Participants will remain barefoot, anchoring us in the earth from which we were created and for which we are responsible. Earthing is a powerful way to ground and connect, transferring the energy form the ancient ground into our bodies in this raw, ancient location.

  • Intention setting with the large fire pit in the cave (although 5 fire sources will be lit throughout) Connecting with Gaia, the crystal grid, calling in our guides, angels, totems and guests of light to journey with us. Calling in the sacred flames.

  • Meditation for grounding and portal opening. Participants stand in a large circle with candles and crystals giving gratitude for this opportunity, this setting, for Gaia and for Spirit. A meditative journey--- a visual meditation leading participants to the portal spiritually, visually and physically.

  • The portal will be opened inside the physical circle of participants.

  • Connect to all other portals being activated.

  • Secure the opening through Vocal Toning together as a group, toning to resonate and balance our chakras, raise our frequencies as one, unified group. Vowel sounds are considered to be sacred and carry the intention and focus.

  • Participants now lay down in the circle for a Sound Ceremony with crystal alchemy bowls and planetary gongs. A sound meditation while laying on the earth, becoming one with the earth, the cave and the elements.

  • This ceremony is set to open and expand the portal, grounding the earth energy. Linking to higher consciousness with intention of creating a humane world. Working in collaboration, resonating with Light to transmit messages and traveling the super highway connecting to the other portal openings simultaneously.

  • Call in to Spirit--manifesting peace, cooperation and love. Coding the portal entrance for souls that have a vibrational frequency to match.

  • Those who enter the portal can use it for sending and receiving love, healing self or others, to support, strengthen, awaken and deepen spiritual connection, amplify Oneness, empowerment, manifestation for good, strengthen Earths energy grid with infinite love and light, link humanities hearts to be stewards of Mother Earth.

  • The portal to be used as a tool for downloads, sending and receiving information and energies that support the New Age, New World, and transition to new, higher realms and dimensions.

  • After ceremony, close with chakra balancing tea, cacao chocolate and fresh mango to bring us back into our earthly bodies post journey.

  • Gratitude for ceremony and the experience--take time to discuss with each other. Keep in mind, these are all powerful healers coming together for the greater good of all humanity in one love consciousness so the experience will be exponentially powerful for all.

This will indeed be a night filled with very special energy and work being done in the jungle for the good of humanity and one consciousness.

And so it is.


I talked to Krystal even more in-depth about my journey in Tulum on her Virtual Campfire Podcast. Listen to our conversation here and how it inspired her to take a different path on her Trek to Shasta.

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