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Updated: Oct 17, 2023


Sounds Heal Podcast with Joey McCune and Natalie Brown

Joey shares her origin story into the her practice of sound healing.

What is Sound Healing?

Episode 44 - Virutal Campfire with Krystal Kelley

Joey explains from her heart what Sound Healing is and how being in service to the healing process keeps her inspired.

Reclaiming Your Spirit with Sound Healer Joey McCune — The Fruition Podcast

Joey shares her story of checking all the boxes with her head down until recognizing that she was no longer in alignment with her true self to the point that something had to give.

Jessica is sharing about her spiritual pilgrimage through Egypt with Joey @soundhealingtulum and @sakredjourneys

Season 4, episode 212

Egypt Pt 1: The Itinerary, The Guides, and The Calling

episode 213

Egypt Pt 2: My Spiritual Pilgrimage Back ‘Home’

Part 1: This was a powerful, cosmic remembering, a homecoming into Truth and into her heart. In this first reveal, Jess lays the foundation of the trip, detailing the power of community, the deeply intentional itinerary, and incredible guides.

Part 2: In Jessica’s share on Egypt she unravels the details of the four sacred sites that changed her forever.

Teaming up with Krystal Kelley again on the "virtual campfire" to share about Ohmniscients.

Season 2, episode 26


sharing stories around the "virtual" campfire with Krystal Kelley on her podcast, This Corona Life.

I am honored to have recently been a guest speaker on a podcast talking about Sound Healing and Tulum Sound Temple, hosted by WiseAssAdvice, episode #21.

Here is a second podcast, airing on my experience with Ayahuasca, hosted by WiseAss Advice, episode #30.

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