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Soul Calling

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

"If you bring forth that which is within yourself,

that which you possess will save you. If you do not find that within yourself,

that which you do not possess will kill you".

I am a dreamer. I am an explorer. I read books to escape. My imagination is endless. I have wanted to run away most of my life, for I am a wanderer, a traveler, a nomad and a gypsy.

I never did though--I never ran away, I had too many responsibilities.

Instead, I buckled down, put my nose to the grindstone, ran two companies, worked like crazy, raised my children to have empathy and love in their hearts, and I do my best to be an example of love, kindness and charity.

I was not unhappy, but I was not fulfilled.

My vacations and spiritual adventures kept my gypsy heart at bay and I continued to plug along and just live. I was living a life with happiness but not a life that was my true soul calling or my life purpose, and I knew this.

I consider myself a spiritually awakened being as I am deeply devoted to a spiritual path and have dedicated my life to energy healing and sound healing.

I had successfully built a solid business and reputation, and for most, this would be enough.

I smiled, I laughed, I hugged, I loved and I gave, but yet, my soul was not fulfilled.

Over the years, many of my clients have come to me with the same question and frustration, and over and over will ask, “What is my life purpose?”

So many feel helpless and depressed because they do not know this answer.

I believe it is a natural feeling to yearn for what we are truly supposed to be doing—to be awakened to our soul’s calling, to our life purpose. Many people feel that if they know their purpose that they would be blissfully satisfied.

I have worked tirelessly with my clients to awaken their authentic-self and to awaken within, their god/goddess energies. I have introduced and comforted them with Divine light and love and guided them in helping to be open to what the Universe is leading them to. For I believe the Universe opens doors if we are willing to see those doors and the Universe will always give us answers when we are ready to receive.

I also understand that sometimes our purpose may have already been fulfilled, but maybe it is not some huge awakening or assignment!

Not everyone is a called to be a hero or famed guru. Perhaps we have already fulfilled our destiny and our purpose by comforting a stranger when they were scared or sad, or perhaps paying for a stranger’s coffee or meal, or by adopting or rescuing a homeless pet.

It is important that first we must present a humbled, authentic heart. We need to be humble to ask and trust in this divine process; trusting in the Universe to guide us as it will all unfold when the timing is divinely right. Of course, ego and humility play a large part in this. Until we experience death of ego, we are not often able to see that the depression, the unhappiness, this longing to know we are amazing in some way is not really what will fulfill us. Instead working within to connect to our higher-self, our authentic-self and truly following that soul path once it opens up. We must be open to spirit guidance and trust in this sometimes grueling process, and know that it will unfold when it is supposed to.

When the Universe told me that I was a healer, I literally laughed it off. I did not see myself working in this way and did not know that I would desire it or that I would love this work.

Sometimes we are surprised at what doors open up and what we learn when we listen. I ignored the signs for many years. Over and over again I ignored messages.

The moment that I heard the sound of a crystal bowl was a truly transformational experience for me. I knew at that moment that I needed to be a facilitator of enlightenment for others to share this light and take others on this magical journey. I have never looked back and my work as a healer began.

Certainly, the Universe was right! I have never felt more satisfied then when I am in the flow in my sacred space working and being of service to others. It is my soul calling.

Well, two years ago, my life purpose unfolded.

I took the advice I had given to so many others. My higher-self’s could not be ignored any longer. I was ready and the Divine timing was right for me to finally hear. I was open to receive this message and open to see the doors and the pathway unfold in front of me.

With an intense stirring and desire to be a larger part in heralding in this new age, to be of deeper service to others on a larger scale, I felt strongly guided to build and facilitate a Sound Temple--- a sacred space for deep relaxation and healing through vibrational resonance and light.

I had no idea where this Sound Temple should be.

We liquidated---- sold everything, trusting in this process that our path would unfold.

This was no minor task! My husband owned his company for 30 years, and I owned mine for 20. We sold our home and sold everything we owned. We said goodbye to friends and family and went through an emotional rollercoaster with no answers, just trust.

No one said it would be easy and it wasn’t!

Together with my husband, we journeyed around the world co-learning and rebirthing on many spiritual adventures before settling on Tulum, MX as our final destination. The energy vortex in Tulum creates a magical aura around the region and we felt this vibrational essence immediately and our vision was conceived.

So, here we are, in the middle of the jungle, in a tranquil zone where the only requirement is to receive, and it is here that our state of the art, off-grid, sanctuary and crystalline Sound Temple was born. Dedicated specifically to the art of Sound Healing and designed to remain one with nature, we carefully married the natural surroundings to modern construction as cohesive guests to Mother Earth.

We have followed our faith and accepted divine guidance on this journey. Although we have had to overcome many challenges and learn many lessons along the way, it is our hope the results will bring a feeling of contentment, relaxation and magic to those who visit for that is how our souls feel.

We are honored to share our soul journey’s manifestation, our soul calling, our life purpose with all who feel called to participate.

A true example of what happens when you align and listen to the Universe. Sometimes I want to scream from the treetops because I can’t believe it is my life! Sometimes I have to pinch myself!

The Universe had led us through many doors.

A soul calling involves trust and surrender. We have to trust a deeper part of ourselves that knows where we are going. A soul calling is not satisfied with us just sticking a toe into the water; we either sign up for the entire journey and see it through, or we are a spectator standing on the sidelines thinking about the journey. A soul calling is calling us to a higher state of presence, vibration, and flow.

It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.

A transition is a powerful time.

I am forever-grateful for this journey.

Joey McCune, a free spirited Seattle Realtor turned Energy Practitioner, has traveled the world in her studies of deeply rooted spiritual traditions and rituals in many forms. She is a Sound Healer/Weaver, Gong Master, a Master Reiki Practitioner, and works with Shamanic Energy, and now lives and practices in Tulum, MX.

Her work with clients focuses on achieving a sense of balance, wellness and soul fulfillment and utilizes a combination of crystals, color theory, chakra systems, sacred geometry and Sound Healing principles.

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