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"You Don’t Know The Power Of The Dark Side"

The veil amongst the Earth is thinning.

We are starting to remember who we truly are beyond a five-sense reality. The cosmic energy that is uplifting our Earth from inside is bringing us into an expanded state of conscious awareness.

I have been fairly quiet since the onset of coronavirus began to sweep the world globally. I am reemerging after much needed personal dissolving and metamorphosing.

There has been a lot to take in. A lot of propaganda to consume, and many opinions, some so far -fetched they could actually be real, but then again, make me think I am going crazy. There are a magnitude of rabbit holes to go down and much research to be scoured. Notably, in this time of technology we can find whatever source we feel resonates and we are able to research it enough to feel confident that what we believe in is correct. This is both a positive and a negative, of course. We are all left to search for our own truth and find our balance.

A lot more people are beginning to see and sense things in ways that they didn’t before, including looking at our existing world in ways that they didn’t previously. This is when collective, planetary awakening happens. This is also the unearthing in the shadows which allows healing to occur. This healing process can be very painful. It can cause anger, it may be traumatizing, it can be heartbreaking. But we have to allow all of that to move through us before we are able to step forward and create something new.

We find ourselves amidst a divided country and a divided world. Politics are in the forefront and racism has reared its ugly head. The environment is trying to heal, a New Age is upon us, a new normal is setting in and there are so many things happening on so many levels right now, it’s simply surreal. It’s so surreal it becomes hard to feel anything. We live in a state of numbness just hoping, this too shall pass.

At this time the collective is purging and alchemizing old karmic violations. We have abused our earth, we have abused each other. Our ethics and morals have collapsed. We are being called to heal our ancient wounds of separation and come together in one-unity consciousness.

Never before has our entire planet been halted together as we are today. Deeply connected, we deal globally with fear of the unknown, fear for our lives, fear of not knowing the truth and fear of a new reality. We have to decide if we are sheep or if we are revolutionaries. Are we comfortable living in the dark or are we beacons of light during this time of darkness? We are being called to rise into radical new levels of ruthless integrity and courageous sovereignty.

This transition into the second half of 2020 has been energetically brutal, highly transformational and emotionally intense as we collectively move into and co-birth a new, Golden Age.

As an empath and a Light Worker, I am on high alert. Throw in a full moon and I must anchor myself to stay rooted as the emotional rollercoaster is so intense.

This has led me to a great time of self-reflection which has in turn, forced me to face my shadow self. I have withdrawn and focused inward. It has been a lonely, solo journey into the depths of my shadows.

The shadow side of our personality contains all the parts of ourselves that we don't want to admit to having. It is at first an unconscious side and only through effort to become self-aware do we begin to recognize and meet our shadow.

Shadow work is hard and it’s real. I understand why it is not often a chosen path. To truly heal, everything in need of healing within us must be revealed and brought into our conscious awareness. Accepting our humanness is difficult.

As I embraced this part of myself I grew to understand that every dark side has a light side. When we accept the traits we might not love, that's when the light side can shine through.

Our shadows are the fragmented, repressed parts of ourselves such as fears, desires, traumas and beliefs. Personally, these parts of me have been heavily guarded and I needed to delve deep into these shadows, that I have subconsciously tucked away and chosen to not acknowledge.

I feel as if I have been to the depths of the Earth and been burned by her fiery core and then released into the bosom of divine love and acceptance. I would like to say it has been warm and cocoon like, but this stage of my transformation has not been so gentle or kind.

I have embraced these parts that have caused me pain. I have invited them to the table. I have given them a seat and I have met and accepted them. As this balance occurred, the shadows dissipated and merged into the light. In this embrace, I have experienced duality and powerful, sacred truth.

There is overwhelming duality in our world right now with endless oscillation between political and racial division, as well as spiritual division. It is all deeply embedded into our collective wounded psyche. We should truly be tired of the human addiction to duality consciousness by now. It is a frustrating realization. Have we learned nothing in our lifetimes?

It is time to remember our Oneness.

It is time to awaken from this human illusion that renders us blind to Universal love. We must return to our heart center and come home. We must pray, together collectively, that we can learn to live together in harmony and that we may embody the light that we all hold within.

This journey is not linear.

It is a spiral and an eternal opening to the light of new awareness and awakening.

This is the path and the way to the New Earth and a New Age.

Now is the time to rise and stand in sovereignty.

Collectively we are entering a time of great change on earth as humanity bridges this new golden age of spiritual awakening and soul retrieval. The time has come for us all to awaken, to commit to radical clarity and whole new levels of integrity.

It is time to cohesively unite.

We will never be the same after this, but someday another generation will look back and judge our actions. We are capable of emerging from this experience in unity and love.

United we are stronger. Divided we fall. This is not a new lesson, but rather one we, collectively, have chosen to ignore over and over again.

Amidst a global pandemic, massive political upheaval and racial injustice, THIS is a time in great need of collective shadow work.

We hold within each of us a deep part of ourselves that we choose to ignore. As personal and collective awakening progresses, our shadow self will be summoned. As we progress further into the light, the shadows of self are surfacing more frequently. Not only is our light and our heart center the most important aspect of self, but equally important is the shadow self. Within these shadows we find healing and grace.

It is up to each of us to face our individual shadows, accept them and join in the path of new awareness and awakening toward one unity consciousness. Although this concept of bringing forth darkness may seem confusing, understand that this is a significant key to opening the doors of what has prevented you from enhancing and being the most radiant essence of your divinity and light. The darkness meets the light and the light meets the darkness. This is duality. Two opposing parts, good and evil. Duality teaches us that every aspect of life is created from a balanced interaction of opposite and competing forces. Yet these forces are not just the opposites; they are complementary. They do not cancel out each other, they merely balance each other like the dual wings of a bird, they are complimentary opposites within the whole.

The shadow self, however dark or foreboding it may seem is a most important aspect in your ascension work for it is a very real aspect of you. Once you confront the shadows, from heart centered mindfulness, and truly feel the pain, and the origin of where they came from, only then can you release them forever, and they will no longer be yours to carry.

As we move into greater consciousness, the releasing of old wounds, many of which have emotionally, and spiritually tortured you for numerous life times will set you free, and your truth will be restored. You may retrieve the lost pieces which make up the complete puzzle, the entireness of you, and this will bring a joyous reunion with your beautiful sense of self, and with the immense love which has surrounded you for eternity.

First you wake up to your light, then you wake up to your shadow, and finally, you wake up to yourself.

Darth Vader's internal struggle between the light side and the dark is truly shown when he famously states "You don’t know the power of the dark side", for it is within the power of the dark side one can see across the universe.

Look around the world and know that transformation is upon us.

“The shadow is needed now more than ever. We heal the world when we heal ourselves, and hope shines brightest when it illuminates the dark”.

As you journey forward in finding your balance, may the force be with you.

Joey McCune, a free spirited Seattle Realtor turned Energy Practitioner, has traveled the world in her studies of deeply rooted spiritual traditions and rituals in many forms. She is a Sound Alchemist, Sound Healing Teacher, Gong Master, and Master Reiki Practitioner who works with Shamanic Energy and infuses Reiki Light into her work. She now lives and practices in Tulum, MX.

Her work with clients focuses on achieving a sense of balance, wellness and soul fulfillment and utilizes a combination of crystals, color theory, chakra systems, sacred geometry and Sound Healing principles.

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