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Located in its unique and tranquil setting we offer an ideal place to nourish your authentic heart, cultivate self-knowing, self-acceptance and self-love through sound healing. Creatively designed around nature, leaving the surrounding jungle as it was meant to be, serenity and tranquility set the stage for a powerful personal journey of relaxation and inner-healing.


Curated private group experiences with a focus on nature, wellness and music.

Enjoy the ancient tradition of ritual and ceremony: a transcendent Sound Journey or Concert in our candlelit cenote cave, or any of the other beautiful experiences we offer. Bring your retreat guests for an otherworldly experience. 

We offer experiences for all size groups. 

Float in the crystal clear, sacred  waters of our private cenote and enjoy a delicious meal, made with love by our private chef.


Located just a 30 minute drive from Tulum's main intersection, with total privacy and set in nature.
We are a private residence, visits by appointment only.  


Location is not mappable. please note: Please ask us for the directions through WhatsApp. We have a company we refer that drives the majority of our clientele.

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