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Listen to the Bowls
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We typically reserve at least 2 weeks in advance for sound healing in the Sound Temple. To secure a specific date, please be sure to book in advance.


*As this location is reserved for sacred healing we only rent this space for outside gatherings, photoshoots, filming or any other content creation inquiries that have spiritual or conscious intent.



Within a safe cocoon of sacred space, crystal singing bowls and planetary gongs gently hold you as you are bathed in an expansive and indescribable ocean of sound and vibration, resulting in total relaxation and profound healing on multidimensional levels. 


During the journey you may experience shifts on emotional, physical and spiritual levels as well as an expanded sense of self and connection with your own innate wisdom. As you float on waves of angelic sound, the frequencies of the bowls and gongs will drive into your cellular being, creating transformation on a molecular level. 


The fusion of these potent vibrations will work through you rapidly and concisely to shake out stagnant energies, blocked emotions and trapped thought patterns.


The sounds will naturally guide you to relax and unwind so that you can fully receive in mind, body and spirit.  It is a calming yet powerful experience and each time you will experience something uniquely different. 


Each session is adapted intuitively to your needs. I invite healing energy into my sacred space, calling on Angels, Guides, Divine Guidance and Reiki Light to work through me during the session to deepen the release and the experience. 



The Sound Temple 

One-on-One: $500 

Couples: $600 


Private Group: $600 base price 

+$150 per person over 4 people

Pre payment to hold space Zelle, Venmo, PayPal

*please see Menu of Offering tab for The Water Temple


Refreshing, chakra balancing refreshments are served to guests at our outdoor, screened in tea house. 


Our creatively curated jungle boutique, Espiritu, is also onsite. 

We sell a variety of one of a kind and special items to enhance your spiritual path, found and collected throughout our travels. 

We accept payments via Paypal, Venmo or cash in dollars or pesos. 

We have our own magical Cenote Sagrado onsite. Set in a vast, ancient cave, Cenote Sagrado is a beautiful , unique cenote filled with sacred waters. Divers have found large chunks of crystal in the rock when exploring our cenote. We consider our sacred cenote to be crystalline. The energy in the cave and in the cenote is strong and many are called to feel the vortex.


Guests at our Sound Temple can walk the jungle trail to view a natural cave and cenote setting. 


One of the most out-of-this-world, one-of-a-kind energy healing, sound bath experiences I have done. We spent the afternoon relaxing deep in the jungle and sinking into heart space. The ancient cave oasis and private cenote was magical. There are no words. The tropical rain rolled in as we started the sound journey and the beautiful sounds of nature and crystal tones washed over us. So much love for this incredible experience.



Set in a vast ancient cave, our Cenote Sagrado is a beautiful unique and magical cenote filled with sacred waters.  

Hidden and private, it is a special place to connect with Gaia, nature, and the energies our earth provides. 

Cenotes are natural deep-water wells which are fed by the filtration of rain and by the currents of underground rivers that are born in the heart of the earth. 


Considered a portal by many who visit, and used only for ceremonial use, this is a sacred space to soak in the crystalline waters. 

The Mayans gave a sacred meaning to these wells, to which they considered sacred places to honor the gods. 

Swimming in these pristine waters feels like stepping into prehistory, nestled in our 65 million year old cave, this special cenote connects you with what the Mayans believe is the gateway to the underworld, where their gods live, and their spirits reside after death. Cenotes were central in Maya cosmology as the liminal spaces that served as vital portals between the earthly realm and the watery underworld. Through this opening, the deceased passed and from this opening, humans and deities were reborn. 


A meditative experience not to be missed. 


Add-on post ceremony.

Clothing optional. 

Fresh towels included.



Private Cenote Float & Swim  

Set in a vast ancient cave, Cenote Sagrado is a beautiful unique and magical cenote filled with sacred waters. Post ceremony. Clothing optional. 


Santa María

$75 per person 


Sacred, Traditional Cacao Ceremony held in cave, 1.5 hours

$200 per person, $400 minimum

(advance notice necessary) 

Tuning Forks

(add-on for one-on-one sessions only)

Mind Body & Spirit Cleanse 30 minutes


Egyptian Healing Rods

no charge provided upon request


*Read more about each additional offering below


Private lunch or dinner served in our Tea House post ceremony with private chef. (Max 10 people). Price TBD depending on request.

Private Cenote Sagrado events or ceremony prices TBD depending on request.


Sacred, ceremonial use only.

Our couple's journey was an intense and bonding experience for us. Our hands joined, rose quartz crystals surrounding us, rose essence misting our faces and our bodies next to each other in sacred space. We have journeyed into many different soundscapes separately, but together, in this magical space, feeling each other's vibrations and emotions resonating to the angelic harmonies surrounding us resulted in a very special twin flame, soul journey together. A truly beautiful, heart expanding experience.




Come experience a journey into the realm of Cacao as a spirit and plant teacher. Together, we will drink a cacao elixir made from unprocessed, raw organic cacao paste (made from the crushed raw cacao bean). I add in extra essential oils and floral notes. 

The Spirit of Cacao was one of the most revered of the ancient Mayan Deities. They called Cacao "The water that runs through the heart". The cacao ceremony bridges the gap between science, the mystery and the heart.

During Cacao Ceremony, there is increased blood flow and nutrition to the brain, heart and skin, the whole body is nourished, awareness and focus is heightened and the opening of your heart is intensified.
The context of the ceremony is a safe and beautiful space that supports meditation, reflection and connection to the “larger aspects of yourself. Participants have the chance to relax deeply and receive insights, inspiration and creative ideas as well as to connect with others taking part in the ceremony. Sacred Cacao is essentially a catalyst to radical self-love. 

Throughout time, cacao has been celebrated as a Food of the Gods (and Goddesses). It is believed that the spirit of cacao has the power to unlock the secrets of the soul, producing subtle, yet lasting effects in opening the pathways of the heart. One of the greatest gifts of the cacao plant is to open our hearts and clear old wounds that have been stored at the cellular level- allowing for deep release and a greater sense of connection to our core being.

Come and experience the magic of this powerful elixir of love and connection to spirit.

Some important guidelines before attending the ceremony:
- None (or very low) caffeine consumed the day of the ceremony
- No heavy foods 3 hours prior to attending


A wonderful add-on prior to a Sound Bath. 

The word "person" is rooted in the Latin word "personas" which means "to sound". 

So we are sounds and frequencies and consequently, music. 


Mind Body & Spirit Cleanse

30 minutes



Tuning Fork therapy is a very gentle, yet powerful modality to treat the body and the mind and restore inner balance and health. Tuning forks bring healing sound waves into the body’s energy field, tissues, meridians ad organs, allowing your whole being to get back in-tune. The ancient sacred tones emitted from Tuning Forks bring deep relaxation and balance. 

Tuning forks are a beautiful way to start a sound healing session as the frequencies move deeply and quickly into the system to open up the channels. The forks have a powerful ability to get to the root of many physical and emotional blockages. They are incredibly precise like laser beams of high frequencies shooting directly into the body and energy. 

I work with many different styles of tuning forks, including crystal tipped forks which emit additional, varied, crystal healing energies. Each tuning fork has a specific frequency relating to parts of the body and energy field.

Healing forks are a form of vibrational medicine which assist us deeply as we are all made of vibrations. Everything in the Universe is made of vibrations. We are swimming in an ocean of frequencies constantly. When we use high vibrational frequencies in this intentional way we are able to retune the body, mind and spirit back to the optimum frequencies, bringing us back to our natural state of harmony. 



Egyptian Rods are an ancient healing tool that has been used for thousands of years. They restore inner balance and harmony. 


Healing Rods use similar principles to Acupuncture and Reiki; they enhance and harmonize energy flow. Enhanced energy offers support to our body, mind and spirit. The rods are copper for maximum transmission and each rod holds special crystals inside. They have been conditioned and charged in a large, special pyramid and are indeed powerful. In addition to physical vitality, they can open latent psychic abilities and strengthen intuition. 


Healing Rods have ancient history and are incredible to touch and hold in your hands during a sound session. They really must be experienced first-hand. Many clients feel them vibrate as they do their work! 


I offer an incredible selection of rods to choose from. I allow my clients to intuitively choose the rods for use in their personal session. Your soul already knows which set to work with. 

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