A Sacred Journey Through Ancient Egypt


Traverse this ancient landscape in the search for spiritual truth. Follow me into the deepest Egyptian mysteries and awaken your inner-self. 

Spiritual journeys offer you time to discover more profound parts of yourself where you accelerate deep personal growth. 


Spiritual travel brings ancient people alive in each of us and we experience wiser and deeper parts of ourselves emerging. By traveling to specific areas, we remember experiences imprinted in the soul. Once we consciously bring the past life memory into conscious awareness, we can release imprints and awaken past karmic lessons. Sometimes all we need to do is walk the land. Ancient memory sings to the soul, calling for us to return to wholeness.

As we travel to different locations throughout Egypt, we will pick up threads of memory taking them from one place to another; weaving a beautiful tapestry of energy that we feel individually and with others.  The stones that make-up Egyptian temples and pyramids hold an ancient book of record and contribute to the original patterning for Earth where we will experience energy portals to other times and dimensions. 

Enlighten your spirit and awaken your heart on this mindful journey of self-transformation. 


Release layers that are no longer needed and replace it with a renewed sense of Divine self. This renewed sense of self propels you to move forward with an accelerated feeling of confidence and a new zest for life. 

Hidden in Ancient Egypt’s rich history are dormant memories awaiting retrieval and where codes activate personal and global alignments. Touch the temple walls. Listen and tune in to vibrations and memories imprinted in the stones. Tap into this antiquity and knowledge. 


 “A spiritual initiation happens when we are ready to take the next evolutionary step. It's a landmark or a tipping point on our life's journey. In hindsight, it's usually remembered as a light-bulb moment in which we changed our thinking, and therefore our life”. 


Welcome to your initiation. 


I am currently organizing a very special and unique spiritual retreat to Ancient Egypt for 2020. (2 weeks over the end of October into early November)


This will be my 3rd time to magical Egypt and a place I consider to be my spiritual home.

This exciting spiritual quest is transformative and life changing and there are no words to adequately describe the experience you are about to embark upon.


Join me for an extraordinary pilgrimage and magical journey through the temples of Ancient Egypt. Sail down the River Nile on a luxury vessel designed specifically for this journey.

Each temple and site is guided by a historian/Egyptologist and dear friend who is knowledgeable in the spiritual significance that Egypt plays in the world.


We have unbelievable private visits/tours to the most sacred sites on earth. We celebrate sunrise between the paws of The Sphynx, We hold ceremony in The Great Pyramid of Giza, in the Kings Chamber, and soak in the love at the Holy of Holies in Philae.

We tour the Giza Plateau, The Sphinx & Pyramids, Saqqara, The Nile Temples, Luxor, Karnak, Abydos, Dendara, Valley of the Kings, Edfu, Kom Ombo, Philae Temple & Aswan.


A personal journey of transformation and healing as well as historical and significant. This is a heartfelt invitation to a life changing and soul awakening retreat.


  • Every need will be met, (all expenses included within Egypt)

  • Itinerary to come

  • 3 week pilgrimage

  • Price and Date still being determined (most likely Oct/Nov 2020)


Led together with my dear healer sister, Miska Chaska.

Together we bring a magical, cohesive energy to this tour and have many gifts to share with our guests.



Joey McCune:

Guide, Sound Healer, World Traveler, Light Worker, Spiritual Goddess.

I have dedicated my path to alchemical and crystal healing. Together with my crystal alchemy bowls I follow divine guidance and bring a vortex of vibrational energy and light for special ceremonies at sacred sites and group sound baths throughout the retreat.

The gift of a crystalline sound bath enhances the soul journey, raising your vibration and opening you up to receive on a cellular and metaphysical level.


Egypt calls! I am divinely led to share her soul awakening story and her ancient magic.


Miska Chaska:

Healer, Light Worker, Shaman, Medicine Woman, World Traveler, Spiritual Goddess.

Miska works with guides to facilitate and connect you to universal energy, sacred holograms, Star Keepers, Rainbow Keepers, and Soul Families.  She facilitates energetic DNA clearing, personal healing, counseling, yoga and meditation.

Miska is a devoted and powerful healer and has dedicated her path to the Shamanic journey. She works with Egyptian guides and she is a very special soul in this world.